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An enthusiastic business mentor of international markets, helping entrepreneurs with marketing and communication in the B2B sector.



Curiosity, Creativity, Community

Throughout life, my best partner has been CURIOSITY learning new skills, traveling, investigating different cultures, trying to understand nationalities, and many more. Therefore I couldn´t imagine my life being just a designer. I always wanted to explore more and apply my CREATIVITY in the bigger picture of the business. From strategic planning to innovative solutions, my focus is always on building an efficient and results-driven relationship between different nationalities. Creativity is needed while building a brand, growing the team, or re-thinking the business model. 
Moreover, I believe that it is not possible to help others when you are not happy. For that reason having a supportive and inspiring COMMUNITY is really critical. Therefore I am surrounded by inspiring people and mentors who really make an impact on the social level and are great leaders.

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"I would describe the cooperation like this - Leila is my sparkle of the day. When I have tough moments, she has the capability to visualize fast solutions instead of problems. Leila has been my consultant 7 years in exporting and branding"

Merilin Alve, CEO of Wiera Nordic Scents


"If you are curious about international markets, be ready for adventurous life! All my experiences have never been boring; moreover, it really has made an impact on my life, values, and even on my daughter. We have made great lifetime connections and friends all over the world!"

Leila Haugas



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Estonia, Tallinn

Phone/Whatsapp: +372 56477372

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